1. Darla’s Baby- Born April 7th 1991. Died April 21st 1991. Cause of Death: Pulmonary Edema & Interstitial Pancreatitis
  2. Sigma’s Baby- Born/Died May 23rd 1992. Cause of Death: Stillborn, Pneumonia
  3. Merlin- Captured October 27th 1982. Died October 27th 1994. Cause of Death: Bronchointerstitial Pneumonia
  4. Bugsy- Born March 31st 1994. Died July 5th 1997. Cause of Death: Pulmonary Abscess
  5. Darla- Captured June 27th 1987. Died August 5th 1999. Cause of Death: Severe Chronic Pancreatitis
  6. Sigma- Captured August 1st 1975. Died March 21st 2004. Cause of Death: Heart Failure
  7. Picabo- Born March 14th 1994. Died July 6th 2004. Cause of Death: Acute Septic Peritontis
  8. Banjo- Captured November 9th 1978. Died October 12th 2004. Cause of Death: Heart Failure
  9. Rascal/Wizard- Born March 15th 2001. Died December 3rd 2004. Cause of Death: Undetermined.
  10. Squirt- Born April 5th 1991. Died April 28th 2006. Cause of Death: Euthanized
  11. Sage- Born May 21st 1997. Died July 5th 2008. Cause of Death: Pending
  12. Sgt. Pepper- Born June 6th 2007. Died June 3rd 2009. Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Fungal Tracheitis

Slaves for Entertainment. They died so someone could live out their dream of seeing a dolphin without having to travel 5 more miles to the coast of California.  Heartbreaking. Shameful.


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