Current Dolphins

There are currently 10 dolphins living in Las Vegas. 2 from the wild, 3 from SeaWorld, and 5 born under the Mojave sun.

Duchess- Captured September 4th 1981 at around the age of 4 years old from Texas waters. She is the largest female and has a jagged dorsal, white streaks on melon, and white on left pectoral flipper. Offspring: Squirt, Bugsy, Pablo, HufNPuf, Maverick, Sgt. Pepper, and K2. Grandoffspring: Bella, and Miramar. She was transferred back and forth between Dinnes Memorial and Milwaukee Zoo several times between 1982-1989.

Lightning- Rescued from the wild on August 10th 1989 at around the age of 10 years old from the Florida Panhandle.  Said to have a bullet hole. Transferred from Gulf World Florida on April 9th 2006. He has curved tail flukes, and his dorsal leans slightly to the left. Offspring: Indie, Ripley, Zoe, Venus, Maia, Luna, Sgt Pepper, Bella, K2 and Miramar. Grandoffspring: 2009 & Chloe.

HufNPuf- She was born at the Mirage on March 7th 2000. Her parents are Duchess and Banjo. She has a narrow face, light white streaks on her melon, white freckles just below dorsal, and is smaller than Duchess. Her offspring are Bella and Miramar.

Maverick- He was born at the Mirage on February 27th 2003 to Duchess and Banjo. He has perfect flukes, and a narrow face. He is commonly identified by his poxvirus. He is currently covered in circular lesions. He has shown signs of this disease for over 2 years.

Beetle- He was born at Seaworld Orlando on August 11th 2003 to Bailey and Belle. He has a big head and a small outbreak of pox on his right side. He was involved in at least 2 incidents in SeaWorld where he bit a child. He arrived in Vegas on March 28th 2010.

Osbourne- He was born at Seaworld Texas on August 5th 2005. His parents are Nacha and Gilly. He has white on his dorsal. He arrived in Las Vegas on March 28th 2010.

Sophie- Sophie is the newest female to the group. She was born October 6th 2005 at Seaworld San Diego. Her parents are Sandy and Sparky. She arrived at the Vegas facility on March 26th 2014 on a breeding loan from Seaworld. She is identified by her rake marks.

Bella- She was born at the habitat on September 6th 2008 to HufNPuf and Lightning. Her birth marked 3 generations of dolphins swimming in the desert. She is the smallest female. She has a wrinkle like mark on the edge of dorsal and blowhole.

K2- K2 was born on July 3rd 2011 to Duchess and Lightning. He has a big dorsal fin, white on his sides, and a wave like scar near his let eye. He also has a rusty dot under his chin.

Miramar- He is the baby of the group. Miramar was born on August 20th 2011 making him just weeks younger than his cousin K2. He has a smaller, darker dorsal and he is the shortest calf.

Lightning, Maverick, Beetle and Osbourne are usually grouped up together. They are referred to as the “Bachelor Pod”.

Duchess, HufNPuf, Bella, MiraMar, K2, and Sophie are the “Nursery Pod”.  They are often paired up together, or broken down into 2 groups.



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